About Us

StopGrab entered the field of information technology and digital marketing in June 2016. After the sound experience in this field, the company is soon launching its website www.stopgrab.com with a view to offer its customers a wide variety of choices in apparel, groceries, household items, books, and almost everything one may need in his/her life from the market. StopGrab is a project which is on air with highly international experience and knowledge in different digital platforms. This product has been developed after a thorough research and analysis in the present context of Nepalese e-commerce market. All of the founder members and functional team are well experienced having ample knowledge of marketing which gives us a better understanding of the local requirements and acts accordingly. We feel there’s a lack of an e-commerce brand which gives us a feel of a company next door having professionalism and great control over quality and keeping these trails behind in mind StopGrab has been started.

The market place development process started in 2019 and here at the end of 2020 we have almost Launched. StopGrab has launched with 100 sellers and 100000 products onboard. We have a strong dedicated team which has been involved in research and development for quite a while so that we can provide a platform for enhanced user experience. We will be providing the best online shopping experience both on field and off field. Our main concern is to make users feel comfortable while using our platform.

We will be grooming our sellers along with us, so that a customer can get best professional service as well promised product quality. We feel sellers, platforms and customers are an integral part of the chain and there should be always a method to communicate each other’s feedback. Each seller will get both technical and administrative support from us which will help them grow and move along with us. Our main motive is to build trust among Nepalese consumers towards online shopping in Nepal and being a domestic company which has been started by people around will surely address the problem that Nepali consumers have been facing.

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